Another Keys Arrest : Janitor's Justice
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Another Keys Arrest

by Jackson on 03/12/11

A Big Pine Key man who started stripping in the Key West Kmart learned that if you mess with Liquid Lightning, you can get burned.

That's what happened Monday, Key West police say, when Jakeb Andrew Arnott, 21, tried to steal the drain cleaner by transferring some of it from the packaged bottle to an empty water bottle, then attempted to steal away unnoticed.

What he didn't count on was the Liquid Lightning burning through the water bottle and the bag containing it.

He told police officer Jose Fernandez: "While he was inside Kmart he felt a burning sensation on his right leg and noticed that smoke was coming from within his red bag.... He told me he began to panic and that's when he started to remove his clothing due to the fact that he thought his clothes [were] on fire."

Arnott started taking off his shirt and pants, but walked out of Kmart before going full Monty. He left the bag inside the store and that's when Kmart staff called authorities. The bag was smoldering and they feared fire.

Fernandez found the suspect a short time later, in pain, in the Searstown parking lot. He "began to complain that his right leg felt as if it was burning up," so paramedics were called. Arnott was treated, then charged with petty theft and taken to jail.

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