First Job after Vietnam : Janitor's Justice
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First Job after Vietnam

by Jackson on 05/19/11

After I was discharged from the Army and learned I couldn’t collect unemployment because everyone was hiring, I went to see the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court because I had worked there before the Army drafted me on Valentine’s Day, 1966.

He said I looked liked a fine young man, i.e., my hair was short, and he was required by law to rehire me. He assigned me a 1963 Studebaker that burned 2 quarts of oil every hundred miles and sent me off to work.

Every business day I drove to a small motel and picked up an elderly gentleman who was a crony of the Democratic boss in the state. Most mornings he was still in bed drunk so I had to help him get dressed and put him in the car. One morning I walked in and found an ugly prostitute next to him, condom on the floor (no Viagra back then).

And off we would go a court twenty miles away where I would plunk him in his chair in the courtroom and he would “clerk” the court. This is when my second task often would kick in. If court wasn’t over by the luncheon recess I was tasked with making sure he didn’t get drunk during the lunch hour. I succeed most of the time. When I failed, I took over his duties and clerked the court. That how I learned the job.

I knew from this first “major” assignment this was going to be an interesting career. 

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