Why did you write this book?
At one point or another most people think about writing a book, few do. When I retired and moved to the fabulous Florida Keys I knew I would have a lot of free time. Plus, my wife, a published poet, kept pushing me to  give it a try.

Where did you get the storyline for the book?
Working my way up the food chain of a court system revealed different character types. In my early years as a courtroom clerk everyday was a soap opera. Most courts have power brokers that game the system. Over the course of my career, I saw people collect fine money, pocket it, and throw the tickets behind a file cabinet, nolle an entire motor vehicle docket because they couldn't remember which case they were suppose to fix, take brides, offered a bride by a bail bondsman and even threatened if I didn’t look the other way. The list goes on and on. Some of it is funny, much is sad. I just took all the shenanigans I saw in thirty courts and placed them in one county. However, let me be perfectly clear, the vast majority of the judges, attorneys and others I had the privilege of working with were honest, decent, hardworking people. But that wouldn't make a good novel.

How did you pick your protagonist in the book?
When I became trial court administrator I quickly noticed the class structure, particularly those at the bottom, yet without them, the courts wouldn't function. The custodians were one group that seemed invisible, not even a hello in the hallway until someone wanted something from them.

How long did it take you to write the book?
One year for the first draft and five years of multiple revisions. Typically a non-fiction reader, I switched to fiction when I started writing the novel, learning different writers' voices, styles, how to create tension. Whether I've succeeded is up to the reader.

Why did I Write this Book?
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What took you so long to get this book to the public?
Since retirement I have become very lazy. I read books about obtaining an agent and learned how much work a nascent writer needs to do to obtain an agent, publisher, advertising etc. etc. etc. Also to keep my wife off my back, I told her I wanted to write book and did. I never said I wanted to publish it. I’d rather go play. Then came eBooks.

Did anyone help you with the book?
Yes, my wife. I let her read it after the second edit. I'll never forget her first comment upon finishing it. "Honey, most of your male characters are pigs and you don't know jack about women." My response was, "As to men, what's your point? As to women, yeah you're right." So I started to listen how women talk to each other. (Have you ever noticed how times when women meet they compliment each about hair or apparel?) 

So why publish an eBook now?
Three main reasons: First, is the explosion of the eBook and their expected percentage increase makes publishing digitally practical. Second, a long time friend of mine offered to guide me through the process. And three, most importantly, I get my wife off my back.

Are you thinking of writing another book?
Actually, I've been working on a prequel. It takes place mostly in the Florida Keys and I've completed the research and the first few chapters.