David Jackson began his court career auditing traffic tickets to ensure local police were not fixing tickets after issuance. Needless to say, many were.
In 1966 he was drafted Into the US Army and spent a year in Vietnam as a medic.
Upon his discharge he returned to the court system working as a roving courtroom clerk in every lower court in the state. This afforded him an opportunity to work with every judge on the court and a multitude of prosecutors, attorneys and public defenders.
In 1973, two lower courts merged and he became the Executive Aide to the Chief Judge of the combined court.
He received a bachelor degree in political science with a minor in psychology while attending college at night.
In 1978 the lower courts, except probate, merged with the Superior Court, a court of general jurisdiction. He became the Executive Aide to the Chief Court Administrator.
The following year he became the first Civil Caseflow Manager. During that time he became a Graduate Fellow at the Institute For Court Management.
In 1987 he was promoted to Deputy Director for Caseflow Management for criminal, civil and family.
In 1989 he became the first Trial Court Administrator for the Hartford-New Britain, Judicial District, the largest district in the state.
He worked in that position until his retirement on April Fools Day, 2001. Oddly enough, every position he held was abolished after his promotions except one. In that one case his successor quit shortly thereafter and the position was abolished. 

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