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Janitor's Justice is available for all devices that support eReaders.

Some background about Amazon's Kindle: Amazon has a policy that the cost of an eBook on Amazon cannot exceed the cost of any other eBook seller. This translates to: I cannot offer you a discount for my book. I find that unacceptable. However, you can still obtain the eBook for your Kindle. Buy the book from Smashwords using the coupon code, if you have one, and select the .modi file extension for download. If you are unsure how to load it onto your Kindle, click here.

Almost all other eReaders use a file extension named .ePub. If you intend to place my book on these readers, choose the .ePub file extension.

Some examples of other readers are Stanza, Borders, Barnes &Noble, Diesel, Blue Reader, Bam and Google Reader. These "apps" are available on almost all smart phones, iPad, iTouch, and new tablets as they hit the fast growing market.

If you would like to read the book on your PC or Mac there are a variety of software programs including Kindle, but I recommend Adobe Digital Editions. To learn about Adobe Digitlal Editions click here.

The book is also available in PDF and HTML but the experience will not be as enjoyable as an eReader.